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516Fw: 90%!

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  • Dean Watts
    Apr 12, 2000
      Hi Dave

      According to my theory, by increasing the length of your column you
      should increase the amount of refluxing and therfor get a better %
      output. Maybe you have made your column packing less efficient by
      speading it out, by the look of your picture the new piece on your
      column in longer than the original but you havn't doubled the
      I don't know If you can reduce the efficiency of a still by
      increasing the length of your column without some sort of formulae
      for hight versus diameter or anything like that? Maybe Tony or Dave
      may be able to shed some light on this??

      I am just a begginer in this myself but maybe these things are worth
      thinking about?

      Dean Watts

      > --- In Distillers@egroups.com, "David Pickles" <david-pickles@c...>
      > wrote:
      > Had a nice Holiday in Taupo, I called in to see the boys
      > at "Moonshine", best thing I ever did, they gave much valuable
      > information re spirit ageing & reflux column packaging.
      > On arriving home, armed with this info' I packed the column of my
      > 20lt "Still Spirits" unit with SS lathe shavings at the top followed
      > by a pile of SS pot scrubbers till the 350*75mm column was full.
      > Observations:- I collected 90% --- 10% more than normal --- I was
      > delighted.
      > The distillate was not as odorous, the temp' remained at 78C with
      > just a trickle going through the reflux coil.
      > Wanting to make it even more efficient, I got a friend of mine to
      > silver solder an extra length of tubing, making the total length to
      > 815mm. At this point I added an extra 8 SS pot scrubbers.
      > Results:- No increase in distillate %. I had to regulate water flow
      > through the reflux coil, as the temp wood clime to 82.5C.
      > Rather disappointing, can anybody PLEASE tell me where I have gone
      > wrong?
      > Regards,
      > Dave Pickles.
      > Email : david-pickles@...