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5096Fwd: Chill haze

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  • waljaco
    Jun 1, 2002
      Based on my memory (not reliable) on what I recall reading in a whisky
      source, it's due to the Germans.
      The Germans keep their schnaps (schnapps in Dutch) in the fridge which
      is great for schnaps and vodka. Because of this custom they put their
      imported scotch in the fridge too. Not great idea for scotch because
      all the flavoring congeners precipitate out - giving a murky product
      which the Germans did not like. This by the way is a good test for a
      good vintage scotch - put it in the fridge. So the Scots instead of
      trying to educate the Germans into drinking room temperature scotch,
      filtered out the offending congeners. They just want their money
      apparently. The traditionalists abhor the idea of filtering out
      flavors, but generally the trend is for lighter drinks anyway.

      Chill haze in beer is apparently due to too many proteins.

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      What causes the "chill haze" that many commercial distilleries cold
      filter out ?

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