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  • waljaco
    May 29, 2002
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      The French and English caramel is from the Spanish 'caramelo' which
      is derived from medieval Latin. The 'mel' part refers to honey (cane
      Several sites on the subject:
      'Caramelize Sugar'
      'Caramelizing Sugar for Flan the Easy Way' (microwave method)

      In a cooking site with a recipe for Trinidad Black Cake (Christmas
      Cake) there is a local method for caramelizing sugar - which is most
      probably the method used (or was used) for local dark rum:

      Caramelizing Sugar
      Put brown sugar in a heavy pot. Stir, letting sugar liquefy. Cook
      over a low heat until dark, stirring constantly, so the sugar does
      not burn. When almost burnt, remove from heat and stir in hot water
      gradually. Mix well, let cool.
      3/4 lb brown sugar (350 g)
      1/2 cup boiling water

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