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49775Re: [Distillers] Proof (a.b.v.)

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  • Derek Hamlet
    May 5, 2014
      At 06:56 AM 5/5/2014, you wrote:
      >Relationship between a.b.v. and taste

      Interesting and I don't doubt the writer's opinion of the taste.
      However, the higher the abv, the harder it is on the digestive system.
      I once took a small piece of uncooked steak and some 181 proof
      neutral spirits and poured a little on the steak. It literally
      sizzled as it attacked the meat.
      That does not mean that 92 proof is bad for you, but it definitely
      starts to creep up the opportunity for the spirit to have an adverse effect.
      Having said that I often dilute my rum to 90 proof and bottle it as
      such with (so far) no ill effects.


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