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49770Re: [Distillers] Parts Wanted

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  • o1bigtenor
    Mar 31, 2014
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      On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 10:16 PM, Catfish <CatfishRacing@...> wrote:

      We made the one that I have now and it leaks like a sieve once I start getting up to temp. 
      I ordered them from Still Dragon yesterday.
      I ordered the 2" (smallest they offer) and have a 1.5" column so I'll sweat in a reducer and we plan on a blow off valve so if we build more than 30 psi it'll let out the excess pressure.  
      It's always a work in progress. 

      At anything past atmospheric pressure (14.7 psi usually rounded to 15 psi) you are manufacturing something that is considered a 'pressure' item. Because the failure of such is far too often catastrophic there are piles of regulations to protect the public in the production of such. You do need to be aware that with a 30 psi blow off valve you are working with something that if not built with skill AND care could be quite dangerous if something goes wrong. (I hope it never does!!) Superheated water (water under pressure so that its heat is greater than boiling) when allowed to expand into steam expands at a ratio of 1700 (IIRC) to 1 - - - please note that gasoline only does 300 to 1 so the possibility for some extreme results isn't too far away. Please be careful - - - your life may be in the balance (and that of those in close proximity to you)!                    Dee
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