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49731RE: [Distillers] Peach Brandy

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  • hectorlandaeta@rocketmail.com
    Mar 30, 2014
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      To save your batch try an ethylic extraction of just the peel and the peach's stones (those are the parts that have more essential oil content) with the highest alcohol you have at hand.  The extraction shouldn't take less than 4 weeks nor more than 5 months, given you use ethanol above 85% ABV. Then decant and cheese cloth filter the extract (should have a nice deep yellow color) and give the pit and peel residue a fast stripping run to recover not only the ethanol but a very nice and concentrated extract too.  I find the "hot"  extract has a markedly different character than the "cold" one so be advised to store them separately.  Blend a bit of this extracts with the already obtained whiskey and you'll see a very interesting spirit arise. 

      I believe the "nice" flavor extraction on the Mt. Vernon spirit mentioned in Volodimir's WP article link must be caused by them distilling the whole fruit (peel, pit, stem and all).

      I've studied "Alpine" schnapps making for some time and found that almost invariably when the original fruit is lacking in sugar content it's wines are almost always "helped" with some high ABV alcohol obtained from neutral sources prior to distilling.  European schnapps stills are also designed for essential extraction over rectifying efficiency and big in dephlegmating capacity to cope with "all-in" runs.

      Hope this helps.

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