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49725Re: [Distillers] Reuse of oak barrel

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  • RLB
    Mar 27, 2014
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      As I said the first time YES, because they do it in Scotland all of the time.  Even if my Scotch formula was in error.


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      As mentioned, scotch is made from barley and is usually aged in used whiskey barrels.  That was what I did.  But now my rye whiskey, made from >51% rye, must be aged in an unused, virgin, oak barrel. So far, the responses to my original question has not addressed my issue - can I shave off the old charcoal, re-charcoal the inside and reuse the barrel for rye.  There seems to be plenty of thickness (1") to allow about 1/8" to 3/16" to be removed without jeopardizing the holding function of the barrel.  I'm wondering if the new surface would still have the "virgin" oak properties to properly age the rye.

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