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49510Malt and Corn recipe

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  • RLB
    Dec 8, 2013
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      6 row has more enzymes, (lower in amylase enzymes though), and more protein then 2 row, so 1/3 of 6 row malt is a lot.  One might want to reconsider that much 6 row.  If it was a bad crop year, you might need that much 6 row to convert starches into sugar.  Some people complain that 6 row leaves a grainy taste in beer, so that much 6 row might alter a distillates flavor profile negatively if the grain is a better quality.


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      Yo’ Guys,  Had a minor rectal/cranial inversion on my last post.  It should be 1/3 malted 6 row barley to 2/3 corn.
      My Bad, Mea Culpa, Dave H.
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      Yo’ Adam,
      Been using cracked corn from a local feed mill for several years now.  Smooooooth tasting whiskey and it hasn’t killed me yet.  I use about 3 parts cracked corn to 1 part malted 6 row barley.
      Regardz, Dave H.

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