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49491Wheat flour recipe

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  • made_it_myself
    Nov 30, 2013

      Hi all, I have been away for a while but I recently bought a boiler from ALDI which is adjustable to 1 degree C increments and I managed to get 20Kg of flour at the cash and carry for 97p!  So I thought I could try the flour recipe I had seen online to try out the enzymes I have in the fridge.

      However I cant find it!

      Please Guys, Could you post it?

      I really need to know what ratio of flour to water I need and what temperatures to set and for how long.

      Don't worry if you are used to German units (F) I can convert to French (C)... but please post it if you can, the wife is moaning about a huge bag of flour in the dining room.

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