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49463Wanted: Malted grain testes

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  • last2blast
    Nov 16, 2013
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      I am starting a new grain malting business in my area of the U.S., and I will be looking for very experienced home brewers and distillers to test my malts and to provide honest feedback as to what they think of my malts.  Some comment will be used on my future web site and other comments will be used as a means of helping me to make a better product.  The only compensation these malt testers will receive is free samples of malted grains.  (Each sample box will contain between 10 and 15 lbs of malted grain.

      10 experienced U.S. testers will be selected (5 home brewers and 5 distillers.)  If you have many years experience in producing a quality beer or spirit, you may contact me at rlbliven@....  Please provide years experience, what you have made in the past, and how often you brew or distill.  State if you have a preferred grain.  At this time, I will only be making malted corn, barley, rye, wheat, oats, and buckwheat.

      If you are selected as a tester, you will be contacted, and a shipping address will only be requested at that time.  Tester sample will alway be free of any charge(s) and at no time will testers ever be solicited to purchase products from my company.


      Robert L. Bliven
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