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49462FW: Distillique Newsletter: From Still Dragons to still bargains - and how to win a proper brandy/whisky ageing barrel for your bar.

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  • walter jacobson
    Nov 12, 2013

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      Subject: Distillique Newsletter: From Still Dragons to still bargains - and how to win a proper brandy/whisky ageing barrel for your bar.
      Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 09:46:41 +0200
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      Newsletter:  "All things distilling" ... for spirited people!

      Newsletter: November 2013
      Hi Distillique Newsletter Subscribers, this is your copy of Distillique's newsletter. If you would like any particular subject to be covered in upcoming newsletters, do drop us an email at newsletter@...
      1. The Still Dragons!
      2. What is a steam wand?
      3. Photo competition .

      Quote "November specials*" on your normal order and we will adjust the price as indicated hereunder:

      R1000.00 off
       on 25L handcrafted pot stills.

      Another R1000.00 Discount on Gin Aroma kits!
      learn how to smell the subtle Gin aromas!

      50% discount on 100g Distiller's yeast!
      distillers yeast  100g.jpg 

      ...and view our other specials (up to 50% discount!)

      *While stocks last or until 30 November 2013 only.
      Distillique equipment is also now available in Cape Town.

      Visit the Wild Clover Brewery, enjoy a cold one and just enjoy "all things distilling" with Ampie Kruger, the Brew Master at Wild Clover Brewery.

      Click here for directions and to
      Latest web articles

      1. Test your crossword puzzle skills and distilling teminology

      2. Steam wand for faster "bring to boil"s

      3. Chicken or dop? ...or how to become more energy efficient.

      All previous articles

      The Still Dragons!

      Modular stills was only a dream for distillers who liked to experiment and "play around" with different still configurations.
      Lloyd Edwards from Still Dragon made this dream come true and Distillique is proud to announce that we now distribute the whole range of Still Dragon Stills and components throughout Africa.
      The still components are mostly modular and thousands of still configurations can be assembed easily to suit your particular needs,
      Shown here is a "typical" 4 plate column (The Dash -1 SGK) with main reflux condensor creating the reflux for enrichment and a spirit condesor to condense the final enriched vapour into a smooth distillate.
      At any time later you can add a ginning sieve, or even a separate ginning basket and head, up the fractionating capability by adding additional plates, add a 360 degree glass column to easily see those horrible tails coming through.
      Boiler too small? Then just add a bigger boiler (i.e. up to 300L) and transfer your Still Dragon column to it when you're ready.Or just want to make a small experimental batch? No problem, just switch to a small 50L boiler. Easy as that!
      This is an amazing distilling concept that can grow as your needs expand to create better and better products.
      Want to get you own? Visit this page.

      What is a steam wand?

      What is a steam wand?

      To bring thick mashes, or mashes with solids in, to the boil can be a real big problem. To prevent the mashes from burning the first step is to use a jacketed boiler.

      jacketed boiler1.jpg

      This type of boilers have a jacket around it that is filled with water and heating elements in this water jacket. Read this artice on how to use a jacketed boiler. However, if you would like to get  even faster heating times, it may seem impossible.
      The above is a problem experienced by most bigger water jacketed or steam heated boilers.
      A very simple solution is luckily at hand.  Use a "steam wand". The steam wand will solve the heating problem and bring your mash to the boil much faster without any dangers involved to burn the mash or increase the pressures in your boiler to dangerous levels.
      To read more on the "steam wand", view the full article here.

      Photo Competition - your distillery

      Show us your distillery room and stand a chance to win* a real brandy/whisky aging barrel of 4 Liter capacity - Ideal to age those really small run results and enjoy it quickly!
      Send us a good quality photo image of your distillery room showing off your equipment and the rooom itself.
      The sender of the best photo (in the opinion of Distillique) will be awarded the prize.
      Mail your photos to newsletter@... before 30 November 2013.
      Other terms and Conditions:
      • More than 10 people should enter the competition for the prize to be awarded.
      • You give Distillique the right to publish your photos/images (and your name) wherever Distillique selects to.
      • The prize will be awarded early December 2013.
      12-15 Nov: C10-Comprehensove distilling

      23 Nov: C1-Intro to distilling

      27 Nov: C14-Commercial distilling business workshop

      11 Dec - Mampoer making practocal workshop (2-persons per still)


      Your still permit will expire the end of the year. Remember to renew it and pay your R1.00 permit fee!

      The SARS Excise office in Pretoria has moved and you can now contact Marlese Booysen at 012 670 5337 or on her cell phone at 083 555 3524 or visit them at:
      no 41 Matroosberg, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria

      New Items coming in stock

      The Workhorse still:
      76mm all copper reflux column still - used in quite a few commercioal distileries.

      adjustable reflux  workshorse.jpg
      200L Stainless steel boilers
      boiler ss 200l.jpg
      50L stainless steel boilers
      boiler ss 50l milk can  type.jpg


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      Distillique Beverages (Pty) Ltd

      Unit 14E, Coachman's Crescent, Entry from 26 Jakaranda street, Hennopspark, 0157 Centurion, South Africa
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