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  • k_cokely
    Oct 16, 2013
      Thanks fellas.


      ---In distillers@yahoogroups.com, <dirckdonson@...> wrote:

      You really can't control the temp period! You can put more or less power into the boiler and the temp will rise faster or slower, but the boiler content or column temp cannot be maintained if there is ethanol being produced.

      I fight against the reliance on thermometers. This isn't rocket science, but the chemistry (science) of it says light fire, fores first, heads, hearts, tails, depletion...turn fire off.

      I do use a thermometer to monitor boiler temp. When it reaches 160 deg F, I'm minutes from first drop and I monitor reflux cooling water temp. If the reflux cooling water temp is below 140ish deg F, I have a buffer and I am preventing vapor from escaping out the open top of my reflux column.

      After a few runs on any given still, thermometers are something for the human to watch while science happens.

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