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49335Re: Molasses - does it go off ?

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  • Mike Novak
    Aug 4, 2013
      Thanks Marc,
      Yes it was the rum recipe`, bit different from mine, thats why I'm interested in other viewpoints.

      Using a 20L drum, I generally add 5 L Golden Syrup/Molasses/Treacle mixture.
      Depending on what the dunder is "telling" me I add differing proportions of those 3.

      Then 5 L Dunder and top up Water.

      Stir, then let nature take it's course.

      Can be a bit of hit and miss with the ferment, most times it takes off naturally (mostly in Summer).
      If not then I add a sachet of champagne yeast.

      I'll give your recipe a go next brew.


      Mike Novak

      Black Cat Multi-Vend Pty. Ltd.

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