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49258Distillate Has Burnt Smell

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  • eyendall
    Jun 7, 2013
      I did a strip run on a 100% 5 gal rye wash yesterday (90% flaked rye, 10% rye malt) which resulted in solids burning on the elements and a burnt smell in the distillate. The wash once I had removed and squeezed-out the rye grains was very sticky and viscous, almost like condensed milk. Anyway my question is, is there any way to remove the smell from the distillate? I have put a buch of activated charcoal in it and have bubbled air through it for a couple of hours but the smell persistes. Can I redistill with success, either a spirit to keep the rye flavour or a reflux run to make vodka out of it? Would be a shame to waste all that work.
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