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  • klim_1168@yahoo.com
    May 28, 2013
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      I have fermented sorghum juice so many batches Start at 10 brix Specific gravity 1.04 but the end of fermentation I always get 2.6 brix SG 1.01.
      I did everything right for temperature and Ph during Fermentation.
      Why is it not zero brix or SG 1.000????

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      pint_o_shine wrote:


      It is interesting that you have sweet sorghum juice to ferment this time of year. Your climate must be south hemisphere. I have only had good luck fermenting ss juice by giving it a slight cook to kill the native species of yeast and bacteria, add yeast nutrient as if I were fermenting raw sugar, and keeping the fermentation Under 95F. Else I get a stuck fermentation from too little nutrients, or too much lacto fermentation or it overheats and kills the yeast. It only requires cooking until it turns brown. That helps the flavor.

      As far as the fructose is concerned, it is never a problem with sugar washes. The ss juice should be about half glucose and half fructose just like invert sugar, even though it is actually, 1/3 free glucose, 1/3 free fructose and 1/3 sucrose, which the yeast cleaves to glucose and fructose anyway. All yeasts I know have the proper metabolism for fructose.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Kurniawan Lim <klim_1168@...> wrote:
      > Henry,
      > I am fermenting sweet sorghum juice. It seem common yeast could not ferment the fructose in the JUICE. I always got 5 brix left.
      > Do you think EC+1118 or Fermichamp or Uvaferm will solve this stuck fermentation???
      > Which one of those yeast is better???
      > Lim

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