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49172How is Ya All in Oz?

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  • CRSound
    Apr 12, 2013
      Sorry I did not make it this winter,
      Love You Wa,,
      All is well here,,'

      Over the rail, N down the Hatch,,
      CRDSound Ya all keep at it !!!

      Ya know I am an old sum bitch, and I remember Bob knight saying if he only knew what "Sum Bitch" meant in Texas when he came to Texas.
      He could have said many hours??
      For so long he had been saying son of a bitch and it was always bad??
      Here in TEXAS we have good old sum Bitches, as well as BAD?
      There is the problem, and a reason he (Bob) can save air??
      He wpould have had more energy for CHAIR'S N such if only He Knew
      Sum Bitch