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  • henry sangret
    Mar 28 12:38 PM
      I use a 70% 30% mix field rye and corn meal and prepare a 85 to 90 deg C water to soak in. I use a water that is modified with gypsum to add calcium to harden the water and add calcium for the starch conversion process. I use a cocktail of Alpha and Gluco Amalase Enzyme which breaks the starched down very nicely, but yes makes a very sticky glutinous wort. Prior to distillation I add a anti foaming agent that I get from one of the big suppliers and it does a great job of controlling the foaming problem. Of course you have a sticky end product after distillation but it cleans up OK with alot of water.  I use a 2 lb grain mix per gallon, which comes 1050 to 1060 sg. to much more grain makes a messy wort

      From: James Haller <gone2tx@...>
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      Subject: [Distillers] Re: Making Rye Whiskey
      Thanks to Bob, Bluwater and Derek for your responses. The article on the issues with brewing with rye was an "eye opener" for me and will definitely affect my brewing technique. It looks like I will need to mash with much more water than normal because of the thicker mixture. This means starting with less grain. I'll probably add a lot of rice hulls to help prevent a stuck sparge and expect to spend more time in the sparging cycle. The ph also looks like it is something to watch. Bottom line - I think I'll start with a very small batch to see if it works. If anyone finds the reference mentioned about grain bills for rye distillers, please post directions to find it. Thanks again. Gone2tx
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