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49109Re: [Distillers] EC-1118 turbo yeast without the heat / bread wash

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  • White Bear
    Mar 24, 2013
        By the sound of most of these posts, you're not the only one getting frustrated or are we a group of two???  I would like to get back to the distillation forum, which door do I run through??
      I am fermenting out some bread wash at the moment.  A friend gifted me with two pounds of white, unseasoned bread crumbs a while ago and I wanted to see what would happen if I made a wash from it
      1 lb white unseasoned bread crumbs
      3-gallons water (1-gallon reserved after boing)
      7 lbs white sugar
      1-quart 2% milk
      2 ozs Red Starr yeast
        Boiled 3-gallons water and reserved 1 for sparging (pouring over the cooked and strained BCs.  Added the BCs to the remaining 2-gallons of water and simmered for 20-minutes.  Strained out the BCs and poured the 1-gallon of water over it, let drain overnight.
        Tranferred the now 2-1/2 gallons of Bread-water to a cooker and added the quart of 2%, raised the tempreture to 120°F and added the white sugar to dissolve.
        LeTopped off with 3-1/2 gallons water and took the specific gravity (1.042) pitched the 2ozs Red Starr after blooming in a bit of wash for 30-minutes, and aerated it for 1-hour.    It is now bubbling happily away in an uncapped fermentation bucket.  As soon as it settles a bit I will put the airlock in place.  We'll see what happens in a few days or so.

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      The problem is that you don't really seem to be interested in producing a good quality product using well proven and accepted distillation practices. Your comments and monotonous  'experiments'  almost indicate a refusal or reluctance to go back to basics and become familiar and confident in the bare basics of distillation practice. It really is quite a simple process...why try and make it so complicated? 
      I used to enjoy this forum...it was informative and interesting...am I the only one getting frustrated here?
      On 24/03/2013, at 6:17 PM, RLB <last2blast@...> wrote:
      Okay, you're not interested in Turbo yeast that don't not have a heat problem, but others might be interested in a low heat Turbo yeast.  That was the intent of this post.


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      Should this not be in 'New Distillers'?

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