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  • Eddie Hoskin
    Mar 21, 2013

      I have read about some very interesting advancements in the field of alternative fuels regarding the subject.  Turns out they've figured, on a lab scale, a process to convert high temperature CO2 and steam (H2O) into O2 and CH4 (methane). It involves 2-400*C temps and a very expensive (iirc, platinum) catalyst. But it is fairly efficient, and can be run off of process/solar thermal heat, so it may become plausible down the road.

      But again, not really all that feasible for a home guy without a tens-of-thousands research budget. You have a much better shot piping fermentation CO2 into a greenhouse and boosting growth that way :).

      Radical Ed

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      Please post your general geographic location, so what we know which way to look for the mushroom cloud.
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      That video is somewhat similar to my basic thought, but that isn't converting fermented CO2 into hydrocarbon.  If water can be de-stabilized enough it might be possible to separate alcohol without a still.  It's just an idea I want to test.  Yes, I knew that hydrogen and oxygen are explosive.

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