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  • Dale Brinley
    Mar 18, 2013
      This is my first reply and response to this group.  So, have mercy on me. As far as taste, I've been reading a lot of comments and picking up a lot of useful information. (Even bad information is useful) I've been able to convert my "corn wine" to a tasty  drink using my son as a taster.  His criteria is "if it doesn't cause me to make a face, it's pretty good".  My distilled "corn wine" is quite smooth and doesn't cause a face, and I can verify that. I use a pH balancer and corn meal and sugar and a good whiskey yeast and pour all the slop back into the mash and re-use it. The more I slop back (is that a proper term?), the better it gets.  The taste, straight up, with no ice, is better than I've ever tasted.  I don't cut out the fore shots or the end.  Having read about the Europeans who add methanol to their drinks for flavor, I though, why not, let's get creative. I've read that methanol is poison, which is true, but that ethanol is an antidote for methanol poisoning.  Too much methanol in a drink will give you a head ache, but just the right amount adds flavor.

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      I am reading an 85 page presentation put on by TTB who controls spirit production in US:


      Yes I know some of you old timers will hate this, but TTB states:

      How do you determine when to cut?
      – Temperature?
      – Smell?

      I guess they are not keen on the idea of taste and smell.

      This presentation is informative, and it helps to clear up some misconception for us US hobbyist who are thinking of going legal one day.


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