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  • Dean Watts
    Apr 3, 2000
      Hi All

      Well to carry on from my results last week, I purchased another dozen
      SS pot scrubbers and replaced almost all the marbles in my reflux
      tower (all but about 1.5" form the top). This caused a number of
      interesting things. 1. The temperature at the top of the tower
      stabilised lower than before and held at 78 degrees with half the
      water through the reflux condensor that I normally use. 2. The % of
      the spirit increased from about 81% to 88%. It took only about an
      extra hour to get all the good spirit than before and I found myself
      turning the still off when the temperature hit 82degrees. (it was
      still dripping out 82% spirit but very slow).

      I now wonder if increasing the hight of the tower has to be my next
      step to increase % further? Or maybe someone has come up with some
      reflux media better than pot scrubbers?

      Cheers for now

      Dean Watts