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48960Re: [Distillers] New idea for a Still

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  • RLB
    Mar 9, 2013
      Check out flash distillation. Its not perfect but for striping it should be super fast.  You can set it up as a reflex too.  Problem is that most units are huge, and I am thinking of a drum no larger than 10 gal.  The science supports it on a large scale but can we use it on a small scale?  If we can miniaturize it, we can process 50 gal in around 2 hrs.


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      Subject: Re: [Distillers] New idea for a Still

      So like a fast stripping sort of thing ?

      Any increase in process speed is always welcome. While the efforts and skill of the "pot fella's" is nice to read about, I'm far to impatient for all that. Which is why I'm more than happy to stick with sugar turbos and neutral spirit.

      If I can get the stuff separated quicker then maybe rerun the stripped product, now that would be an excellent time saver......

      last2blast <last2blast@...> wrote:
      I just wanted everyone to know that I had an idea for a new still. Come to find out my idea is not new, and it is currently being used for something else.

      My challenge will be to adapt its use for removing alcohol from water. If it can be adapted to remove alcohol from water, we should be able to process our wash in 1/10 th of the time we currently spend watching over our stills. If it can be made to work, I will save me at least 4 hours attending my 2.5 gal pot still. 50 gal wash should not take longer than 2 hrs from start to finish. If it can be made to work, I will prove all of my drawings and test results for your examination and possible future use on distiller.

      I know the process works, but at what temperature setting will it work best? It will process wash or wort so fast that it will be nearly impossible to do proper cuts, or to discard Methanol.

      My challenge will be to figure out how to remove Methanol, heads, hearts, and tails as fast as it strips alcohol from wash or wort.


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