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  • John Bengtson
    Mar 2 7:53 AM
      For the primary fermentation, I don't use the traditional air lock.  I put, on top, a drilled rubber stopper with a length of clear tubing through the hole.   The other end goes into a coffee can filled 1/2 way with water.  The tube goes under the water level.  I keep shaking or swirling the fermentation jar, each day, until bubbles quit coming up and there's no immediate foaming.   My fermentation container is only 2/3rds filled originally, so there's enough oxygen right inside.   I also pour the cooled liquid in there in a thin stream to further oxygenate the liquid.  Then, I let the lees settle to the bottom.  With the tube under water, no vinegar yeasts can ruin your mash.  As for yeast, I always make a yeast starter in a liter flask, with an airlock on that a good 2-3 days in advance.  
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