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  • tgfoitwoods
    Jan 29, 2013
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      What ratio of corn to water do you use? Corn mash can get awfully thick during some of the intermediate processes, at least for me. Oh, and what enzymes are you using? I alos gave up on barley malt and went to bottles enzymes, but I'm still not really happy.

      Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller Making Fine Spirits

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, henry sangret wrote:
      > I use corn alot to make a neutral spirit for topping my barrels off, I ferment and I distill on the grain.
      > I have been using a mix of yellow and white corn meal, they come in 25 lb. bags and I have been paying $12 per bag. Easy to use, just bring the necessary water to a rolling boil put put it into a suitable large fermenter add corn meal and mix thoroughly (hint : I use a propeller bladed paint mixer on a cordless electric drill) . I would suggest you put your chiller in immediately if you have one because it quickly gelatinizes. After the mash temp drops to 60 C  I add my enzyme cocktail and thoroughly mix again, it thins quickly. When ready I distill in a water bath jacketed boiler so it doesn't scorch the grain, I have found that certain spirits taste better when distilled in such a way.
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