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  • henry sangret
    Jan 29, 2013
      I use corn alot to make a neutral spirit for topping my barrels off, I ferment and I distill on the grain.
      I have been using a mix of yellow and white corn meal, they come in 25 lb. bags and I have been paying $12 per bag. Easy to use, just bring the necessary water to a rolling boil put put it into a suitable large fermenter add corn meal and mix thoroughly (hint : I use a propeller bladed paint mixer on a cordless electric drill) . I would suggest you put your chiller in immediately if you have one because it quickly gelatinizes. After the mash temp drops to 60 C  I add my enzyme cocktail and thoroughly mix again, it thins quickly. When ready I distill in a water bath jacketed boiler so it doesn't scorch the grain, I have found that certain spirits taste better when distilled in such a way.

      From: Dan D <eanxo2@...>
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      Subject: [Distillers] Re: Gravity readings
      Zymurgy Bob,Robert,Henry;
      Gentlemen Thank you for the suggestions on the grains.
      I do watch the show Moonshiners but I did some general research on-line to make the decision to just use the corn off of that not the show. I also ready on another forum (forget which with all the searching I have been doing)they just used sugar, cornmeal & yeast.
      I think I was aiming for a sour mash, but changed my mind & went with the recipe I listed. I am reading more each day & looking into which grains or malts I want to use on my next batch I make up. Just need to understand my processes of how to cook them up & additives to use.

      Henry thank you for the descriptions of the barley & peat, will keep it in mind when looking for my next ingredients.

      Robert- I did some research into malting my grains & seen a few ideas for indoor processes as well. Will be something I get into a little later as I progress in getting my ingredients & flavors honed in!

      As always I thank you for the info & inputs!

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