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488Re: [Distillers] (unknown)

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  • giles@penryn.screaming.net
    Mar 31, 2000
      On 1 Apr 00, at 15:20, Andrew Black wrote:

      > Whilst in B&Q last week I noticed some lead free solder made by Fry
      > Metals, for sale. On closer inspection the packet did not reveal what the
      > solder was made from, only that it was lead free. Does anyone know whether
      > it would be safe to use this stuff for still building?
      It is considered safe for potable water supplies. It does, however
      tain tin (as does lead solder) which is also toxic. Others would
      know better than me if tin is soluble in alcohol.
      Anyway, I used it and after all what else are you gonna use
      assuming your still is made of copper? You could braze it but even
      if you have the equipment this is a difficult procedure. If you dont
      have any plumbing experience as your question seems to imply,
      you will have enough work to solder the assembly with solder.

      If you are concerned about toxicity, try to reduce the amount of
      solder exposed to the distillate by being careful with it. You could
      use compression joints but these are extemely expensive in larger
      sizes. (The price of a 42mm end feed solder tee will make you
      gasp in disbelief as it is - about 22 gbp as i remember.
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