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48758Re: ⚗ Distillation Controller

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  • GGB
    Jan 11 3:03 PM
      I think what ZBob is saying is that it is a matter of judgement as to how much heat to feed into your boiler at any one moment to produce the right amount of evaporation for that particular ratio of ethanol to water.

      I don't think you can straight-jacket the operation into defined steps at specific time intervals. Zbob has made several recent comments that you cannot make a solution rise higher in temperature than its boiling point according to its current composition.

      If your controller endeavours at point "x" in time to make the boiler solution go to, say, 96*C, all it will really be doing is putting more heat in and forcing more boiling off than is good for the distillation product.

      All I can think of is some type of feedback loop which allows the controller to go to another step when certain conditions are met, or perhaps a reference table in the programming of the controller.

      It is bound to be more complex than your initial proposal.

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