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48682Re: [Distillers] Freeze distillation

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  • henry sangret
    Dec 26, 2012
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      I have read up on the process and experienced the results first hand LOL. I will stay with the tried and true  process and continue to enjoy the results. Happy Holidays.

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      Subject: [Distillers] Freeze distillation
      I thought it might do good to recommend reading about freeze distillation.
      There are quite a few write ups available on line. One of the easiest to understand is at home distillers dot org wiki page. A simple web search can lead to many good reads.

      Freeze distillation has been used ever since fermentation got noticed thousands of years ago. It's not a new discovery by any means. There are a lot of good reasons not to rely on the final product. A bad hang over is nothing compared to toxicity from ingesting acetone or methanol.
      Even as a method to concentrate a ferment before distillation, freezing allows a certain percentage of ethanol to get stuck in with the ice. Freezing does not allow many unwanted by-products to be removed.
      I have read of a few methods that over came some of the basic drawbacks. One of which is to freeze, slightly thaw, freeze at colder temperature, raise temp. slightly, freeze colder again, and do that repeatedly until the coldest temperature your freezer can achieve is met. What a hassle.

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