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48625Re: [Distillers] Re: Sugar Replacement

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  • Derek Hamlet
    Dec 11, 2012
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      At 12:47 AM 12/11/2012, you wrote:
      >The main reason I am looking at sugar replacements is because of
      >weather conditions that affect crops such as corn and sugar cane. If
      >the US corn belt drought lasts for a long time, we will have a
      >problem obtaining grains such as corn and HFCS which are made from
      >corn. Some people might say, So what! You only then have to look at
      >Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida that are all receiving less
      >rainfall than normal. My experiments will address finding other
      >sources of sugar and extracting those sugars for the production spirits.
      >Are there weeds that would normally be harmful to humans, but
      >contain high levels of sugar that will produce a wonderful spirit?

      Sometimes I think we need to remember that there is nothing new about
      distilling. Absolutely improvements are made in still building
      technology. Science brings new enzymes/yeasts etc. to market. But,
      mother nature provides the raw materials for the must. If it's
      natural, contains high sugars it's been tried. Hence the thumbs down
      on potatoes.
      If it's alcohol one wants and you are willing to mix it or add
      flavorings then neutral spirit is my advice. If you want the
      adventure of pot stills with inherent flavors, then some form of
      grains is probably the way to go. Yeah I know I didn't say anything about rum.

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