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  • last2blast
    Dec 2, 2012
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      In my experiment with freeze distillation, I was able to take about 150 oz. of sugar wash and reduce that down to around 25 oz. for cold storage. For me this is a perfect way to store my sugar wash until it can be processed further. I dipped my finger into my concentrated wash just to get a sense of its taste: On the front end, it had no taste like water. On the back end, it was bitter because it had not been filtered.

      Those two drops on my finger gave me a headache, which most likely was the result of Methanol in my wash. It also gave me an ever so slight buzz.

      I am pleased with the results of my first test. My way is a lot more labor intensive, but I am satisfied that my batches will not spoil or become infected with bacteria. This will give you something to think about as a means of long term wash storage until you have time to process it properly.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Byron" <odiekokee@...> wrote:
      > My apology for a overly simple question:
      > With a simple mash, is there any harm to leaving it to sit anywhere from a day to a month past the end of bubbling from the check? I know the yeast is done and dead, just wanting to make sure it won't cause trouble before i leave it to sit till I have time to finish the process.
      > Much obliged,
      > Me.
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