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486Re Sweet Alcohol, and treatment

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    Mar 31, 2000
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      Peter, Rob, et al,
                               Further to my e-mail regarding Sweet Alcohol I have just reread my message and thought I better add the following before someone jumps on me. By comparing whisky, bourbon, and rum I hope I did not give the idea that there would be much difference between the alcohol made from sugar alone and sugar with dextrose. The difference is minimal rather than profound. After all alcohol is alcohol, is alcohol, is alcohol. It is just that it gives the finished alcohol a fuller and rounder profile.
      Differences are more likely to come about through time on carbon treatment and then how you finish or dress (ie: filter) the final product to remove any minute carbon particles, contaminants, and other impurities. I recently just finished filtering and dressing some alcohol (which was not brilliant initially due to not having the right packing in the still) which I had left on carbon treatment for 6 weeks and the final product came up brilliantly. Some of this I attribute to using a 1 micron filter material that has just come out in the States and removes all particulates above 1 micron in size. I firstly use a 20 micron screen, followed by a 5 micron filter, and finally the 1 micron filter. The product comes up crystal clear. The only problem is that the 1 micron filter because of its fine size does not last that long and needs regular replacement. By initially using the other filter sizes I remove the larger particles and extend the 1 micron life somewhat. As soon as I can work out the prices I will have the following sizes available in both 1 and 5 micron: 25mm (1") circles for use with the small black plastic filter units available through home brew shops that everyone seems to be using and 54mm (2 1/8") circles that can be used with a ss jubilee clip on the opening of a coke, or perrier bottle etc. You just cut the bottoms out and hey you have an instant funnel.
      B.r. David  Reid