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  • ballard_bootlegger
    Nov 30 4:58 PM
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      Leaving a mash to sit once vigorous fermentation has finished is generally a bad idea. If you dropped a camden tablet and/or boiled your wash before fermenting as you would with beer AND put it in a sterile, air tight vessel you might be able to keep it for a month. Unless you have a reason to leave it I wouldn't recommend it. The worst is those infections can spread to other washes you might have going.

      I once had a nasty run in with a bacterial infection just 24 hours after mashing some rye. It smelled up the whole house with this rotten cereal/noxious odor, I've never smelled anything like it. I tried to save it, I even was able to fight the pH enough to accomplish some fermentation but when I ran it through the beer stripper it just tasted terrible. Blech.

      For the question of lost alcohol and the TTB, they don't require excise tax till it's distilled so the loss would just be ingredients and time.

      Drink Well
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