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48478Possibilities of a Glass distillery

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  • harisaki2004
    Jun 11, 2012
      Hello Distillers,
      Last week I was in Melbourne Australia and found a beautiful shop full of EU imported goods.

      Included was some pallets of large glassware ex an explosive factory in Victoria.

      I am guessing the glassware was used on an industrial scale for column distilling. Possibly made before stainless was commonplace.

      The glassware was made by quickfit, which is still in operation. Some of these parts are up to 500mm diameter and there is what I would describe as still heads too. Other parts would be 75 to 100 mm diameter x 600 long if you were looking to build a more practical small scale column still. Many other bits too including glass stop cocks.

      These parts were not cheap, but probably half the cost of getting them made.
      Please contact "The Ugly Duckling" on +61 (0)3 9427 0123 at 194 Burnley St Richmond VIC 3021.
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