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48401intravenous drip mechanism

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  • brown_ion
    Mar 19, 2012
      I have a reflux still that has liquid management and vapor management . My interest is
      vodka, gin and other stuff.

      My problem has been to control the the take off, of the fore-shots etc.
      For many years now I have played around with, cursed and said rude things to
      needle valves. To set them for minute degrees has tried my patience every time.

      Some of you may be away ahead of me here , so to those that aren't , I have found an
      answer to this . It's an intravenous drip mechanism.

      I still have my needle valve at the bottom of my condenser, but use it for on-off only.
      The IV needs gravity to work but is very sensitive and so easy to adjust .
      The plastic seems to hold up with high ABV and the product from this is going out

      Suppliers ? ? find someone nice in hospital. Make sure they have finished with it .

      but make sure they haven't got what you don't want ! ! ! It's the needle you DON'T want ! ! !

      They are a throw away I think Ion

      < http://www.cwladis.com/math104/lecture6.php >