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4833Stirring the wash during the fermentation

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  • procule
    Apr 29 10:53 AM
      Hi again !

      I'm fermenting 2 batches of ~4.5L with ~1.2Kg of sugar in them with
      the appropriate quantity of nutrients and yeast (EC-1118).

      On Tony's website I've read that a stuck fermentation can be due to a
      the absence of stirring during the fermentation. But however, in the
      "Fermentation" section, and don't see this step.

      I've done about 10 batches since I began last year but I've never seen
      the SG go below ~1.030 (The starting SG is ~1.100).

      For my present batches, I've tried to make more oxygen enter the must
      using a kitchen stick blender. I really hope that will resolve my
      problem! I started the fermentation last Thursday (we are monday
      afternoon) with a SG of 1.082. The three first days, the SG dropped
      about 0.010 each day.(not that bad). but since yesterday, it dropped
      of only 0.007 in 2 days and I can see a significant change of the
      frequence of the bubbles going out.

      Well, now the questions:
      Should I shake the pot to "unsettle" the yeasts and make a more
      homogeneous must ?
      Will it stress the yeast too much ?

      Also, on Tony's website, he says that it needs aeration during the
      first days. Does that mean I should not put the airlock the first day
      after added the yeasts ? or simply let enough oxygen enter the must
      (using a kitcher stick blender in my case).

      Thank you all to help me since the beginning :-)

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