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48308Re: Spiral prismatic packing (SPP)

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  • Dirck Donson
    Jan 11, 2012
      You should never need 2m of SPP in a 2" or 3" column, as you can attain azetrope very easily under a meter with etched SPP...


      3.5 ltrs fills 24" of a 3" column, and weighs ~13 pounds. 1.2 liters will fill 24" in a 2" column and weighs ~3.7 pounds.

      This provides 13+ Theoretical Plates in either size! From 13+ Plates you can reach azetrope with minimal reflux while producing a liter every 20 minutes.

      0.8mm SS 316 welding wire is strong enough that you will never crush it, under it's own weight in a 2" or 3" column.

      .8mm/0,031" dia welding wire is also where the price break falls. Anything smaller exponentially inflates the price per pound.

      3.5 ltrs of SPP made from 0.8mm 316 SS welding wire etched cost ten hours and $90 usd.You can make mandrels from screw driver bits and cut the SPP into bits by hand.

      Etched SPP is the best, don't get too worried about the wire diameter. 0.8mm will still be three times better than SS scrub pads.

      Or you can buy commercial SPP from a lab supply house for $200usd a pound...

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