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  • Adam Fordham
    Dec 5, 2011

      Thats interesting. To be honest Im interested in flavor more than using the actual fruit so thats a new thought. Maybe even Nehi softdrink could be the "secrect" ingredient. Thanks for sharing.

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      When most people think of peach they associate the enhancing flavors of nutmeg, mach, and cinnamon as well as a touch of lemon  and vanilla. The giant flavor houses sell to the commercial market the essence that is ester produced. One is in the peach flavor no cal drink from Walmart  “Sams Choice Clear American” their label. It is artificial however it is the closest to the flavor and much more so to real than the real flavor essence.  I put a bit in the base for peach pie with cornstarch.  You could put potato in and it would taste like peach pie.

      Bob c


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