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  • edbar44
    Jul 30, 2011
      OK,I've been in the hobby for three years now and have had difficulty reaching that magic 96%

      Yesterday I did a run from wash (don't strip anymore)and when I purchased this sight glass I thought it would be a good idea to put a small piece of copper screen in the opening beneath the sight glass, kind of thought it might heat up and boil the falling reflux product, never did anything but I still used the screen. I put the wrong piece of screen in the boiler opening (smaller holes) but didn't notice. After the still came up to temperature, I observed the process as per this attached video. Guess what 96% complete, no problem. I'm thinking this is acting like sort of a preboiler/thumper/plate configuration. As you can see, the product that is falling cannot get back into the boiler and the boiling product is coming up through the product that is "stuck" in the throat of the boiler and apparently redistilling it.

      I'm sure the guru's on here will figure it out and maybe even expand on the idea. Thoughts and comments are certainly welcome.

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