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47967Re: Sensitive Subject!! Green Rum...

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  • waljaco
    Jun 3 8:48 PM
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      Cannabis sativa is not particularly aromatic as a infusion botanical - rather bitter on its own. Fresh leaves need to be heated to make the THC potent - 2 minutes in a microwave will work.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Todd Stewart <xlcranium@...> wrote:
      > Sensitive Subject, I have to start with.
      > I form this email COMPLETELY in "theory"...
      > So, with that said..
      > Within the U.S. many states have legalized, or at least de-criminalized the
      > use of marijuana and its by-products for medicinal use.
      > i.e. Butter for brownies/cookies, as well as farmers markets.
      > Being that THC is soluble in FAT (butter) and Alcohol (ethanol)
      > My question, simply as an Artisanal aspect... has anyone successfully
      > created a "GreenRum" ?? I would imagine it would be spiced to balance
      > the flavor.. proof to weight ration must be a consideration..
      > Again, I apologize for the crassness of the post, but with the world as it is...
      > I have to ponder the possibilities.
      > -xlc
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