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47706Making Gin

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  • eyendall
    Feb 6, 2011
      I would like to try my hand at making (distilling) gin but am a bit confused from my search of the posts as to the actual technique. I don't want to simply add a commercial essence to my distilled neutral spirit.
      Am I right in assuming that I first distill to a neutral alcohol; steep various botanicals in this for some specified period; then finally redistill the resultant liquid?
      Could someone walk me through the process i.e. best formula (grains, sugar or what) for the original wash; tried and true botanicals recipe; duration of maceration in what % alcohol; when to make the correct cuts of the secondary distillation etc. Have I got the steps more or less correct? I have tried to find this information through the search function but must not be using the correct search terms.
      An apparent alternative is to distill one's own concentrated essence for adding to neutral alcohol. Which is the preferred and most efficient technique?
      Thanks to all for your help.
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