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47591Re: Pressurized aging?

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  • MoSS
    Jan 4 1:44 AM
      Why not just pump/bubble, oak/peat/whatever smoke thru the distillate?
      Have to have a similar result, surely?

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "missouri_bootlegger" <siscoweb@...> wrote:
      > The amount movement of fluid in and out of the wood would depend on pressure differential. How much "low" pressure would a piece of wood hold. with the container made of wood the outside of the wood would be at 1 bar (1 atm). With the container sealed and the contents heated the inside would have a higher pressure thus moving liquid from a higher pressure to a lower pressure through the wood when cooled the pressure could become less than 1 bar thus forcing it to be removed from the wood. With a piece of wood inside the container and equal pressure on all sides some liquid would be forced into the wood to equalize the pressure but how much? would it be enough to achieve the desired results? given the surface area of the inside of a barrel and a constant pressure differential its hard to imagine that it would have the same results.
      > Maybe the substance in the wood that gives flavor changes properties under pressure (IE:changes to a liquid) and infuses the liquid more readily
      > Just some thoughts
      > also you would have to use nitrogen to pressurize the container CO2 will carbonate the liquid. I would not use O2 under high pressure mixed with a fuel source it might blow up
      > MB
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