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  • MoSS
    Nov 7, 2010
      Saved it...

      In frustration last week I decanted 2L of wash & mixed it with 2L of water into a bucket, watched it for a few hours, nothing, so I moved it into the "wash" room and left it. Looked at it over the next few days as I was on my way to work...nothing...then checked it for the last time yesterday before getting ready to throw the lot out and it was off and running.

      Why it has taken so long to start fermenting is a mystery.

      So, I have decanted 10L of inactive wash, added the bucket activated to the remainder and topped it all up with fresh water. Fingers crossed, it's a slowly fermenting.

      Lesson learnt.
      Rum "mother" saved.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jamesonbeam1" <jamesonbeam1@...> wrote:
      > Moss,
      > When adding that much old fermentation and 30% backset, your
      > fermentation will suffer from lack of disolved oxygen in the wash.
      > There is no available O2 in old fermentations or backset...
      > 4 to 6 hours of aeration is usually required when doing a "sour mash"
      > type fermentation. Oxygen is reqired during the first 36 hours or so of
      > the exponential growth phase in a fermentation, otherwise it will suffer
      > from a low yeast cell population. This is the probable reason your
      > fermentations are taking so long.
      > Tis also a good idea to use the trub as soon as possible after the
      > previous fermentation has stopped or keep the trub refrigerated after
      > use. There is no need to add 20% old fermentation when the yeast cells
      > are only in the trub... Frankly I see no reason wasting 7 or 8 dollars
      > for a turbo yeast (that contains nutrients which will cause foaming if
      > added to an already fermenting wash) when making rum, which should never
      > ferment about 12 to 14% ABV.
      > JB.
      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "MoSS" <zedrally@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > snip
      > >
      > > >I hydrated and proofed a tablespoon of distillers yeast and it foamed
      > >up so I add a second tablespoon.
      > >
      > > Now why is that?
      > > Mine did the same, although this time it hasn't started fermenting.
      > >
      > > Previously, I had saved 20% of the fermentation, added 30% of the
      > backset, topped up with molasses and sugar to the desired S.G.
      > > Generally it started off fermenting by itself.
      > > Not this time, so I added half a packet of Still spirits "Classic" and
      > it foamed over, horrible mess everywhere.
      > > 7 days on and there is no activity. In contrast a clear that I started
      > the same day has nearly finished.
      > > This is a worry to me as I've got a year old "mother" and it has been
      > developing it's own unique flavour. I really don't want to throw it out
      > and start again, it would put me a year behind.
      > >
      > > Any ideas?
      > >
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