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47286Re: Rum Wash

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Nov 1 7:11 AM
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      Thanks ZB,

      Will try that (love getting scalded by hot burning sugar).. However,
      being the lazy, ornery one I am, ive swiched from using caremel to just
      adding straight molasses and some pure vanilla extract for a similar


      Note: For some cinnamon flavors, a cinnamon stick soaked in it for a
      few hours works nicely - but be careful - can get too strong very

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "tgfoitwoods" <zymurgybob@...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > I've used Smiley's method for caramel (all I use it for is rum), but
      > this one from mm123@... has turned out to be the best I've
      > seen. It progresses quickly, and at the end you have liquid caramel,
      > much easier to use that the rock-hard stuff Smiley's method gives. It
      > also takes less time, but you have to be there every second and watch
      > like a hawk!
      > For anyone who doesn't know, any caramel recipe involves
      > high-temperature melted sugar at the edge of burning, and that's why
      > reaction with water at the end is so energetic.
      > Zymurgy Bob, a simple postiller
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