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  • jamesonbeam1
    Nov 1, 2010
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      When adding that much old fermentation and 30% backset, your
      fermentation will suffer from lack of disolved oxygen in the wash.
      There is no available O2 in old fermentations or backset...

      4 to 6 hours of aeration is usually required when doing a "sour mash"
      type fermentation. Oxygen is reqired during the first 36 hours or so of
      the exponential growth phase in a fermentation, otherwise it will suffer
      from a low yeast cell population. This is the probable reason your
      fermentations are taking so long.

      Tis also a good idea to use the trub as soon as possible after the
      previous fermentation has stopped or keep the trub refrigerated after
      use. There is no need to add 20% old fermentation when the yeast cells
      are only in the trub... Frankly I see no reason wasting 7 or 8 dollars
      for a turbo yeast (that contains nutrients which will cause foaming if
      added to an already fermenting wash) when making rum, which should never
      ferment about 12 to 14% ABV.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "MoSS" <zedrally@...> wrote:
      > snip
      > >I hydrated and proofed a tablespoon of distillers yeast and it foamed
      >up so I add a second tablespoon.
      > Now why is that?
      > Mine did the same, although this time it hasn't started fermenting.
      > Previously, I had saved 20% of the fermentation, added 30% of the
      backset, topped up with molasses and sugar to the desired S.G.
      > Generally it started off fermenting by itself.
      > Not this time, so I added half a packet of Still spirits "Classic" and
      it foamed over, horrible mess everywhere.
      > 7 days on and there is no activity. In contrast a clear that I started
      the same day has nearly finished.
      > This is a worry to me as I've got a year old "mother" and it has been
      developing it's own unique flavour. I really don't want to throw it out
      and start again, it would put me a year behind.
      > Any ideas?
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