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  • Dick
    Apr 4, 2002
      In message <180.626c57f.29dd3874@...>, sstoli123@... writes
      >What is the best sterilizer for stainless steel? I have read that bleach
      >solutions can pit the steel. Has anyone ever used Sodium Meta Sterilizer and
      >if yes what is it?
      Sounds like sodium metabisulphite, a fairly mild sterilizer used by home
      brewers (in UK sodium meta. also comes in a tablet form known as Camden
      Tablets). I think it works by releasing sulphur dioxide on contact with water,
      don't know if this is strong enough to sterilize stainless steel but I suspect it
      won't be. I keep my empty plastic brewing containers sweet while not being
      used by putting 1/2 cup sodium met. solution in them before resealing &
      putting into store.
      Fra' Auld Reekie
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