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  • geoff
    Jul 1, 2010
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      Hi thursty2,

          I have two elements, a standard 2500watt x 240 volt kitchen kettle element also an 850 watt x 240 volt small caravan element.  All camp site power outlet ratings inEurope are 16 amp x 240 volts hence the wee camping element so as not to over load the caravan to camp site connection.

           I do 5gallon/25litre washes usually because sitting in a wheelchair still watching for a 5 gallon run for 6 hours plus is just quite long enough for me, and the butt gets numb.  I know I could automate it a lot more but I like to watch what’s going on as it happens and be there to adjust things as and when needed (electric elements are as far as I like to automate and have reasonable control

           I operate an insulated valved reflux still (old and reliable and because I have it)  I have know sense of smell, I could (and have been quite a few times) been in a world of sh*t and haven’t been able to know or smell a thing, which also means my taste is severely impaired.  Hence my reluctance to go the pot still route.  Being by nature a lazy bugger I’ve gone for the easy option i.e. MUM and turbo washes and a lot of high strength/concentrate ethanol macerations to flavour my neutral ethanol.

           I use both elements for heat up and usually get there in about 40 minutes and I’m at 78 C and I then unplug the 2500watt element and fully reflux with the 850watt for an hour (doing the azeotrope separation thingy) one hour gives plenty good fore shots and heads separation in a 5 gallon wash.  I collect (real slow) the first 200ml in order to get both fore shots and heads. (not sure which is which but 200ml covers both).  I put them in the heads and tails jar.  I’m not wasting any potential ethanol either because it’s all going back into the next batch for distilling.

           I then switch to hearts collection still on the 850watt element (and I'm still collecting real slow less than a litre an hour)and collect up until 85 C (yes I know I could collect longer but neutral is my goal) hence the switch to tails collection at 85 C and I then collect right up to 96 C.  And as I say because it’s all going back into the next batch for distilling.  So nothing is wasted

           I consistently get 94-95 % Abv clean, clear neutral in the one run.  



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