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  • Royce Thigpen
    Jun 2, 2010
      I have read some of this info.  I was looking for something simple like myself, however, I am finding out that it might not be as simple as it sounds.  Earlier, I tried to use a recipe for cooking grains and didn't have much luck with that either.  Not being a scientist, some of this stuff is hard to figure out.  But I will plug away at it until it works.  I don't want a sugar/water mash.  Anyone can do that one.  Thanks for the advice.  If you have something simple, I would gladly listen to that also.

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      Nother note New,

      If your trying to duplicate the famous UJSSM or Uncle Jesse simple sour mash method, you should also learn about the sour mashing part and use only 5 gallons of water per the recipe.  See http://wiki. homedistiller. org/index. php/Uncle_ Jesse's_Simple_ Sour_Mash_ Method


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      > Hello New,
      > And welcome aboard. Since this is more of an advanced distillers group,
      > you migh want to consider joining our sister group at
      > http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/new_ distillers/
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