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46558Re: how do you make a good rum

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  • running_with_rum39
    May 18, 2010
      A good taste of the dark and dirty. I just finished off a nice dark rum tonight. I started with a simple white sugar wash, ran it of a little hot about 80 C and ended up with a product about 92%. Toned it down to an over proof of 60%, run it through 4' of carbon then added
      5 ml of each to 500ml love water.
      -black strap molasses
      -Carmel flavouring
      -home made oak essence
      -One bottle of Flor dearma Rum
      One day from wash to rum you have to love this hobby!

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "jamesonbeam1" <jamesonbeam1@...> wrote:
      > Alex,
      > Long time no hear from buddy. Nice to see you back!
      > Last week we had a similar question in New Distillers on rum - see the
      > thread starting with
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/new_distillers/message/38647
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/new_distillers/message/38647> I was
      > going to email you to see if you were still around.
      > Anyways stop by sometimes and say hi.
      > JB.
      > and yes, your first message came thru and you can delete it if you want
      > (or I can). Also yes, #1 molasses usually means 1st run fancy stuff.
      > PS> BTW people, Alex really knows his stuff!
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      > > It seems to me that my first message just dissapeared so I´ll be
      > more
      > > specific in this one. I´m not posting that much this days, even
      > when
      > > I frequently read, but I think that about rum you may find many
      > answers
      > > and all of them correct; my comments in line.
      > \____snip
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