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  • miciofelice2003
    Mar 14, 2010
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      Ciao Pint.
      Yes, you are right, the old tales ask to do it on St. John the Baptist day, but they din't imagine something lithe the Nijno, the warming of athmosphere, etc.

      Anyway, that day is almost the solstice day, and is full of meanings: in Italy, during the past, they were used to celebrate it. And, you know, in the middle-south of Italy, once upon a time a village was there, named Malevento (bad event), because a lot of witches were used to have a lot of happenings every night of full moon.

      Inhabitants were a little bit bored and frightened of this, and made a lot of prayers to God to stop all those bad things, because the witches were also used to sacrify every night of full moon a young boy to the Devil.

      Making it short, God decided, at the end, to send an angel that destroyed all the witches and so the population decided to turne the name of the village in Benevento /good event).

      Note that the witches were used to have the meeting under an old, big walnut tree, placed on the country of the village. The inhabitants decided to make a liqueur of the walnuts to celebrate that fact and as a talisman against witches.

      It is for this reason that there, in the Middle-South of Italy nocino is quite strong, almost 70%. In Modena (the city of Ferrari cars) is about 40 - 45 % (no witches there, I suppose).

      So, I gave you a little bit of the old italian tales.

      Ciao a tutti.

      micio felice

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      > Micio, you forgot to add that it is always on the Nativity od Saint John the Baptist the Forerunner feast day June 24 in the northern hemisphere.
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      > > Dear Micio
      > > Between bad nocino (no blond ) and bad wife ( with blond ) .............I'm thinking !!!!!!!!! ........ If I get into trouble, I suppose I could site, " consideration of sensitive Italian culture"...........mmmm......still thinking !!!!!!
      > > Regards Ion
      > >
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