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  • PhilipWilson
    Mar 14, 2010

      I made about 10 liters of nocino in 2007, mascerating green walnut pieces in 95% for a couple of months, with some clove, cinnamon, and lemon zest (following one of Micio's earlier recipes.) I've only got 2 liters left, and I'm kicking myself for drinking the rest too early. It has developed amazing notes of chocolate, coffee, nuts, and spices. The colour has gone from greenish black engine oil to a lovely deep brown.

      I have no idea what the hydrometer would say about my nocino, but I wouldn't trust it at all. The juices from the green walnuts (and sugar) are denser than water, so would make the reading artificially low. By taste, I'd guess it's around 50% abv. I find this stuff too concentrated in flavour, so dilute with some 40% neutral before serving.

      As others have suggested, you can recover some of the flavour and alcohol from the walnuts with a second soak in a dry white wine for an aperitif.

      An alternative is to distill the used walnuts. (Make sure they're well-covered in water so they don't burn.) This produces an interesting spirit with some of the high-notes from the green walnut essence. I tend to do this after making any mascerated liqueur in volume; sloes and raspberries work particularly well.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "brown_ion" <ionbrown@...> wrote:
      > In new zealand, walnuts are ready about 25 dec. I have made two batches, 08 and 09. The 08 batch started off quite foul, but as the months have passed, it has restored my faith. This is worth doing. 15 months on and it's developing wonderful complex flavouring and after taste. My problem is losing ethanol. I start off with 95% abv. After 30 days in the sun, both batches dropped to 40% abv, according to my hydrometer. The container for the first lot 08 had a glass 5 ltr jar with a plastic screw top. For the 09 lot I changed to a glass 4 ltr jar with an Agee or metal screw band and seal, determined to hinder the angels over indulging, but to no avail. I have taken my hydrometer reading after straining the Nocino ( no sugar added ) .Could it be too viscous and giving a false reading, or is this just the way of it, expansion and contraction with heat of the day. Some time ago, a member asked the same question but I missed the answer (nocino sylvaia 65 10-13-2008 ) Another question please, do you squeeze the walnuts for any nocino that may be left in the nut ? or is it best left alone. Regards Ion
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